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Meet Jodi Hoffmann

Founder of Crafting a Blissful Bungalow

I Love Learning!

Now that I’m an empty nester, I have time to learn.  Turns out I’m passionate about what creates a sense of domestic bliss inside one’s home.  This prompted me to search for a place where I could go to learn as much as I could about: DIY creative projects for the home (and to give as gifts).  Topics such as:  floral arranging, seasonal wreath making, holiday tablescapes, cooking and baking, as well as entertaining tips and ideas. What I found was, such a place didn’t exist in my area; at least not on the scale that I was looking for. What exactly was I looking for, you ask?  I wanted to be in the company of other women excited to learn about a myriad of topics.  A place where we could share a glass of wine, exchange stories, and DIY our time together.  Surely I couldn’t be the only one interested in this kind of learning?  Turns out I’m not!  And just like that Crafting a Blissful Bungalow was born.  I’d love for you to join us; in person or virtually!  We laugh, have fun, make new friends, and surprise ourselves with creativity we’d long forgotten we had.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m a lefty!

  • I hate tarragon and fava beans

  • I never schedule appointments before 10:00 am

  • I’m a self taught cook and a serial DIY researcher

  • I’ve been happily married to Bill for 35 years and we have

  • 2 wonderful grown sons and we’re gaining a delightful daughter-in-law in September.

  • I spent my formative years (10-17) growing up in Milan, Italy & London, England, which explains my love for all things Italian, especially pasta & biscotti!

Jodi Hoffmann with Master Chef Jacques Pepin

Me with culinary legend Master Chef Jacques Pépin

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