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April's Featured Ingredient is: Asparagus

Asparagus is a very versatile vegetable.  It can be

steamed, roasted, grilled, or sauteed.  It typically 

has a woody stem which should be removed.  This can be done one of two ways:  If you hold the asparagus with one hand just below the tip and the bottom in the other, gently bend the stalk and it will snap in between the tough bit and the tender bit. Remember Reese Witherspoon explaining “Bend & Snap” to Paulette, her manicurist in the movie Legally Blond???   Discard or compost the tough end and Viola!  You’re left with the tender stalk.  Or you can just use a knife and cut off the bottom inch or so.  For maximum tenderness, peel the outer layer of the stalk. It’s now not only more tender, but it’s prettier too!

Asparagus Three Ways:

Cream of asparagus soup  

Asparagus quiche

Roasted  asparagus with lemon - parmesan gremolata

cooked asparagus on white serving platter
green gingham wallpaper frame
A lemon, parsley, grated parmesean cheese, garlic, breadcrumbs, a grater all on a round cutting board


is an Italian word for topping.

It typically consists of lemon zest, parsley and minced garlic.

I  add beadcrumbs & freshly grated parmesan cheese.

green gingham wallpaper frame
gremolata in a white servig dish on top of a white placemat

It's 5:00 somewhere!

The Azalea Cocktail

The Master's golf tournament is hosted in April, so in honor of the prestigious event, this month's featured cocktail is called the Azalea (the official cocktail of the tournament).  

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