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Tips for 'Dreamy' Mashed Potatoes


Here are 9 tips for making 'dreamy' mashed potatoes!

  1. Choose the right potato: My top picks are the Russets & Yukon Gold. Both are very starchy potatoes which means they absorb the flavor of whatever you add to them: salt, milk/cream, butter, & cream cheese. They will also break down easily as opposed to waxy potatoes such as Red Bliss or Fingerling which ten to hold their shape so are better suited for dishes like potato salad.

  2. Wash your potatoes very well as they are grown in dirt; particularly if you plan on leaving the skin on. I think the Yukon Gold is the better choice for this as their skin is thinner than the Russett. Personally, I peel both varieties, but that's just a persoonal choice.

  3. When cutting up your potatoes, try to keep them all the same size as this ensures even cooking times.

  4. Place your diced potatoes in a pot and cover them (by an inch above the spuds) with cold water. This also helps them to cook evenly as the outsides cook at the same time as the insides. Once the water has come to a boil, add salt. Adding salt to cold water can result in the salt pitting the bottom of your pan. Once the water is boiling add the salt which will disolve quickly thus eliminating the chance of it pitting your pan.

  5. Drain your potatoes when the potato releases easily from sharp knife when inserted into it. Put the potatoes back into the hot pan and turn the heat on to the lowest setting for just a minute or two. This allows the excess liquid and steam to evaporate, thus leaving dry potatoes which will absorb your chosen additives and eliminate 'soupy' mashed potatoes.

  6. Mash the potatoes with a kitchen tool that gives you the texture you desire. (See Culinary Tools tab). Since both Yukon Gold and Russets are starchy, there is a fine line between mashed and over whipped/mashed. Excessive whipping or mashing can release too much starch and this will result in gummy mashed potatoes.

  7. Whatever you're adding to your potatoes, make sure they are at least room temperature if not warmed (liquids). This makes absortion easier and eliminates any lumps.

  8. Experts recommend using butter AND additional dairy to really flavor the potato, which has very little taste on it's own. When incorporating them, remember to stir them in gently.

  9. If you're not serving your mashed potatoes right away, here are some suggestions for re-warming them:

    For both stove top and oven reheating (avoid microwaving them), add a little additional room temp dairy (butter or half and half) to ensure they don't dry out while re-heating. If re-warming in the oven, (no higher than 350 degrees) cover them with foil. For stove top, add the liquid to the pan first, and then gently stir in on low heat until warmed through.

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