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Pomegranate Bliss

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Jodi Hoffmann

15 min

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Cindo de Mayo Mango Madness Cocktail

About the Recipe

This recipe can be served over ice and topped off with club soda. If you have festive glasses to serve it in, even better! I prefer to put the cocktail mixture into a shaker filled with ice and served in a martini glass.


3 oz of Vodka of your choice

3 oz of Pomegranate juice

4 oz of freshly squeezed orange juice

2 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice

2 oz of orange liquor (such as Contreau, or Triple Sec)

Club Soda to taste

Pomegranate seeds for garnish


Step 1: Freshly squeeze the orange and lime juice.

Step 2: Mix all of the fluids together (except the club soda) in a pitcher.

Step 3: Add a few pomegranate seeds to your glass of choice. If serving over ice, add the ice as well. Pour half of the mixture into a tall rocks glass. Top off the glass with some club soda to taste. Or, fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour the mixture in and shake vigerously for 30 seconds. Pour into a martini glass.


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